For investigations and research dedicated to professionals, whether they are businesses (independents, corporations), public institutions, or associations, your file includes support from an expert in corporate protection and economic intelligence through our partner company, ProTein.

The investigations will always be conducted by the ADN investigation teams, who will provide a report with their own approvals to ensure full compliance with CNAPS obligations.

Abusive sick leave

The investigations conducted by our private detectives on abusive sick leave are carried out using discreet research and surveillance methods. The repercussions of such behavior are manifold: issues with organizing workload, impact on the morale of other employees, risks of actions constituting unfair competition…

Compliance with a non-competition clause

If you have properly drafted the non-competition clause for your former employee, with limitations in time, space, and remuneration, you have the right to have its proper execution verified. In the event of a breach of this clause by the former employee, you can seek redress based on our investigation reports

Unfair competition

Your company is experiencing the effects of behaviors aimed at harming it and carried out by your competitors. We can gather significant evidence of acts of disparagement, disorganization, confusion, or parasitism. These elements can be used as evidence in legal proceedings based on Article 1240 of the Civil Code.

Intellectual Property and Counterfeiting

Our teams can trace networks involved in the distribution of counterfeit products. Whether through online platforms or direct sales in a market or store, the goal is to identify the origin of the products and pinpoint those responsible (producers, distributors). This way, you can put an end to patent infringements or damage to your brand image.

Illicit labor

The use of undeclared labor by your competitors can give them a significant advantage due to its lower cost. Your own employees may also take advantage of leave or time off to work on projects (often referred to as side jobs) in the same industry.

Employee theft and unknown shrinkage

To prevent a collapse in your profit margins, it is sometimes necessary to combat theft of your goods. This theft can be an internal phenomenon, meaning the result of your own employees, or it can be the work of customers or even third parties following a break-in, during transport carried out by subcontractors, etc. We are here to document these acts.

Financial risks

Have the financial stability of a prospect verified, avoid fraud attempts that can impact or even jeopardize the continuity of your business. We can also search for elusive debtors and minimize your unpaid debts by providing their details to bailiffs.

Industrial Counter-Espionage

Economic warfare is a reality. Your research and development, know-how, or technology give you an advantage that is essential to preserve. Avoid being the target of attacks by competitors or foreign countries by investigating potential sources of information leaks.

Loyal Execution of the Employment Contract

The employee of your company is required to perform the tasks assigned to them faithfully under the signed employment contract. Provided it is stipulated in advance, either in the contract or in the internal regulations, the employer can utilize the external skills of our investigators to verify that the employee is indeed fulfilling their obligations.

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